Will Nesting Work for Us?

Will Nesting Work for Us? | Clare Piro

{4:24 minutes to read} Nesting is a shared parenting concept that allows the children to stay in the marital home while the parents go back and forth. The idea is that the children will be able to remain in one familiar place, have no concerns about where they are on what day or what they need to take with them. Typically, parents who choose this will be sharing time in the home with the children on an equal basis. To see if this might work for you, consider the following: Long Term or Short Term? My experience has been working with clients who have agreed to do this on a short-term basis for the following reasons:

  • Wanting to separate now, but unsure where each wants to live.
  • Waiting to place the marital home on the market or waiting for a sale.
  • Giving it a year for the children to adjust to not being with either parent full time.

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