Mediation: When “Lawyering Up” May Result in “Lawyering Down”

Mediation: When “Lawyering Up” May Result in “Lawyering Down” | Sandy Balick

{5:24 minutes to read} Noting that, especially recently, even lawyers have been “lawyering up” (at least in our nation’s capital), Wall Street Journal columnist Ben Zimmer (June 24, 2017) set out to trace the origins of the phrase. The columnist traces the phrase “lawyering up” to the popular TV program NYPD Blue and, more directly, to an ex-cop writer for the show, Bill Clark. “Lawyer up” was familiar police vernacular to the detective-turned-writer. For present purposes, let’s just say the phrase signals a girding to do battle in a legal forum. As to its full, police-speak aspect, the whole article is worth your attention.

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