Pass Go & Collect: How to Patent Board Games

Pass Go & Collect: How to Patent Board Games | Pat Werschulz

The Story of Monopoly… A patent is a limited monopoly that the government grants for an invention. The government granted inventor Charles Darrow a patent US2026082A on the board game Monopoly in 1935. There’s some controversy about the 1935 patent: Darrow learned about another game called “The Landlords’ Game” that was patented in 1904 by a woman named Elizabeth Phillips. That game was created as an educational tool about monopolies in the landlord/tenant context. Darrow first played The Landlord’s Game in 1933; he changed the game enough to earn a patent on his version, Monopoly, two years later. Monopoly was one of many board games that became popular in the post-Depression 1930s, when people couldn’t afford to go out much.

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