Mr. President: May I Say Something?

Mr. President: May I Say Something? | Mark Kaufman

As readers may recall, we previously wrote about the confidentiality agreement imposed by then-candidate Donald Trump upon those who worked in his campaign. In that agreement, the workers literally were required to consider, as the definition of “confidential,” anything that Donald Trump determined, in his sole discretion, to be confidential. Now, he is President, and he apparently thinks that’s still true (presumably without doubting whether it was true before he was President).  Trump seems to see his view of confidentiality (and non-disparagement) is enforceable upon any and all U.S. Government employees — including ex-FBI Director James Comey, who did not sign any such confidentiality agreement, nor could be compelled to do so. Apparently, that’s why he threatened to bring a lawsuit against the former FBI director on the basis of “leaking.”

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