It Takes All Sorts of Torts, Indeed!

It Takes All Sorts of Torts, Indeed! | Mark Kaufman

A copyright dispute late last year forced a holiday play to go dark before the Rockefeller Center tree was ever lit. The suit centers around the play Who’s Holiday by Matthew Lombardo. No, the dispute is not over the apparent typo in the play’s name. Rather, it is that the defendant’s play is based on the character Cindy Lou Who from the beloved Dr. Seuss book The Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Whether the play is an unauthorized derivative work (from the perspective of the Dr. Seuss estate) or a parody (from the perspective of the playwright) is what the court ultimately may need to decide. Who’s Holiday is a profane, one-woman show that documents the life of Cindy Lou Who after the denouement of Grinch. It finds Cindy living in a trailer park, after having married the Grinch, whom Cindy had murdered (allegedly in self-defense), before the curtain lifts.

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