REAL ESTATE DUE DILIGENCE (Part 2 of 2)* | Eric P. Gonchar

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This is part 2 of a 2 section article about conducting due diligence on real estate transactions and should be read in conjunction with the sister article.

Financing The Purchase – While Condominiums generally do not set limitations on how much a purchaser may borrow, co-ops generally do. The purchaser must first determine if the co-op will allow the buyer to purchase the apartment with a loan which is secured by a pledge of the shares of the co-op. Many older co-ops do not allow financing at all. For those co-op’s that do allow financing, it is important to determine what the financing limitations are before the contract is signed. If the purchaser wants to finance 80% of the sales price but the co-op only allows 70%, then the transaction should not proceed.

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