Can Oral Agreements be Enforced?

Can Oral Agreements be Enforced? | Bart Eagle

{4:50 minutes to read}  Clients often ask their attorneys whether an oral agreement – one that is not reduced to a writing, signed by the parties – can be enforced. This can come up when the client thinks that he is owed something by another party, such as payment of a sum of  money or the performance of an act or duty;  or, the client may want to know his own obligations when such a claim is made against him. In a perfect world, oral contracts would be reduced to writing and signed by both parties, so that it is easy to see what the obligations and rights are of each party to the contract. In the real world, however, that often does not occur. When contracts are not reduced to writing, there are two issues that will always have to be addressed:  enforceability and proof.

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