Entering “Elder-dom” – Part 2: The Legacy Question

Entering “Elder-dom” – Part 2: The Legacy Question | Sig Cohen

In a previous article, we explored some challenges that often surface when engaging in a tough conversation with an older adult. Those challenges include: autonomy, independence, and even dignity. Here we examine yet another challenge: an older adult’s legacy. Not financially, but how others remember them after they have passed.

Two examples:

  • George was nearing his 100th birthday. Having spent his 99th birthday with his family, he decided only his two children and their spouses should join him for his 100th. Having so many relatives visit at one time, he said, was exhausting. Since he lived some distance from his children, grandchildren and other relatives, he wished his family members would visit him throughout the year instead of all at once. But his family members loved these occasions that also provided an opportunity for a reunion.

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